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WORLD WAR I: We’ll be covering the World War I anniversary in various issues between now and 2018. If you have a WWI story, exhibition, or program planned, please let us know WELL in advance (at least 3-6 months if possible.)

Spring 2016: Get Out the Vote–Or Not…
Connecticut’s record on voting rights may not be as progressive as you thought: Women’s Suffragists square off against Senator Brandegee; Abraham Ribicoff in his own words; when Jews won the right to worship.
Pitch Deadline: Closed
Announcements/listings for possible inclusion in Afterword: December 7, 2016

Summer 2016: Small Towns/Big Stories
Big stories from some of Connecticut’s small towns.
Pitch Deadline: Closed 
Announcements/listings for possible inclusion in Afterword: March 1, 2016

Fall 2016: Crime & Punishment
Pitch Deadline: As soon as possible, or at the latest, February 1, 2016
Copy Deadline: May 1, 2016
Announcements/listings for possible inclusion in Afterword: June 1, 2016

Winter 2016/2017: Theme TBD
Pitch Deadline: at the latest, May 1, 2016
Copy Deadline: August 1
Announcements/listings for possible inclusion in Afterword: September 7, 2016

Spring 2017: World War I
Pitch Deadline: at the latest, August 1, 2016
Copy Deadline: November 1
Announcements/listings for possible inclusion in Afterword: December 7, 2016