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History Day: 30 Ideas!


Toolkits for the New Social Studies Frameworks

CT Explored is developing toolkits that link CT Explored stories and African American Connecticut Explored (Wesleyan University Press, 2014) to the new social studies frameworks.

African American Connecticut Explored covers the long arc of African American history in the state and is suitable for use by high school students. It’s available in hardcover and e-book HERE. Our first toolkit adapts the essay for the 8th grade reading level (included).

This inquiry leads students through an investigation of race relations in the United States as they examine the life of Connecticut native Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett. Bassett broke the color barrier when he attended and graduated from Connecticut’s State Normal School (Central Connecticut State University), and was appointed Minister Resident to Haiti by President Grant. Students will also learn about Connecticut’s Rebecca Primus who taught school to newly freed blacks in a rural Maryland village after the Civil War. Adolescents are concerned about issues of equality and justice. This inquiry gives students an entry point into thinking like historians about Reconstruction and its legacy.


Lesson Plans

These are earlier lesson plans that link Connecticut Explored stories to the high school American History curriculum but not necessarily the new frameworks. Still, we hope there’s useful material here that you can adapt while we update our offerings. The plans are designed to make Connecticut Explored (and its predecessor Hog River Journal) easy to use in the classroom as one- or two-day plans and were written by high school history teachers. Links to the plans currently available are listed below:

Civil War Medicine
Progressive Solutions for Connecticut
Ivoryton’s Industrial History
Art School
Mary Townsend Seymour
The Spirits of Reform
Chinese Educational Mission
Red Scare
1918 Influenza Outbreak
Rationing World War II
World War II Waterbury

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