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Friends gifts of $100 or more received through 12/31/16 will be listed in the Spring 2017 issue.

With the loss of CT Humanities funding due to Gov. Malloy’s line-item veto of their state support for competitive grants to heritage organizations, your support is more important than ever! Friends support also helps underwrite our discounted subscriptions for teachers, our free subscriptions to state History Day winners (students and their teachers), the development of a social studies textbooklet for 3rd graders, and collaborative programming with our partners. Plus, Connecticut Explored’s lesson plans are a great way to introduce young people to a love of Connecticut history!

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Grating the Nutmeg Fans!

Make a gift to Friends of Connecticut Explored and use coupon code Gratingthenutmeg to have your gift support the podcast. All gifts with this coupon code will be shared with the Office of the State Historian to support its outreach efforts. 


2015 Friends of Connecticut Explored (through 12/31/15)

Many thanks to the following individuals and organizations that made contributions to the 2015 Friends of Connecticut Explored above and beyond their subscriptions. Gifts of $100 or more received through December 31, 2015 are acknowledged here. These gifts are providing critical support to the magazine’s continued publication and collaborative programming with historical societies and museums across the state. Give to our 2016 Friends of Connecticut Explored and your gift will be listed next spring!

Gifts of $1,000 or more

Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Sue Hart

Gifts of $250 to $999
Pam Baker
Robert Buckholz
Sandy Chase
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Dangremond
Karen Hagberg
Anne Heinsohn
William Jobbagy
Elaine Knowlton
Gene Leach & Kathy Frederick
Carolyn & Peter Lind
Amalie Montstream
Robert E. Morris Jr.
Roy & Nancy Normen
Jane & Patrick Sheehan
Walter E. Smith, State Theater Usher

Gifts of $101 to $249
Anonymous, 2 gifts
Lauren & Steven Clarke
Carolyn Ivanoff
Douglas E. Kehl
Karen A. Kelleher
Brian R. Mandeville
Robert A. Moore
Peter & Peggy Morse
Rocco Orlando III
Mark & Rosalind Shenkman
James Welling
Kate Steinway & Paul Zolan

Gifts of $100
Anonymous, 21 gifts
Adamson Family
Robert P. Anderson
Barbara & Ray Andrews
Ivan Backer
Vern Baker
Raymond & Esther Bartlett
Richard J. Beebe
Ralph C. Bloom
Philip I. Blumberg
Jay & Allison Bombara
Robert Bowden
Carol Bruce
Joyce & Harold Buckingham
Janice Burrill
William Chase
Victoria & Mark Chavey
Francis Chiaramonte
Carol S. Clapp
Sherry Clark
Ron Claveloux
Don Cole
Elizabeth Collins
Tom Hollinger & Kathy Coe
Trig & Sam Cooley
Joan Cormier
Timothy & Diane Covello
David Crombie
Sue & Phil Crombie Jr.
Rev. Msg. J. James Cuneo
Frank Damiano
Ruth Ann C. Davis
Faith Damon Davison
Booker DeVaughn
Dorothy & Alan Dodd
John & Michele Dolan
Mary M. Donohue & James O’Sullivan
Mark Doppstadt
Walt & Bonnie Drozeck
Jim English
Michael Exstein
Joan & Jerry Eyster
Eleanor & James Ferguson
Donna Eriksen & Tom Finan
Tim Fitzgerald
Diane & Joe Foley
Malcolm & Ingely Forbes
Mrs. Sydney F. Fuller
John & Tracy Gale
Samuel L. Schrager & Terry L. Gellin
Susan & Brian Gillie
Carl & Marcia Gimbrone
Dean Goss
Paula Jones & Kevin Gough
Constance B. Green
Katherine W. Green
Bruce H. Greene
Natalie B. Harbeson
James Harris
Walter & Dianne Harrison
Patricia Heslin
Dr. Patricia Hill
Marcia D. Hinckley
Shepherd Holcombe Jr.
Mandana A. Hopper
Richard & Beverly Hughes
Kimball & Dorothy Hunt
Sam & Polly Huntington
Herb Janick
Bud Jason
Luisa Jensen
Diana Atwood Johnson
Mrs. Donald W. Johnson
Ken Johnson
Dr. Richard & Nancy Judd
Joseph Kanell
Mrs. George Kaplan
Steven C. Kleinman
John & Monica Knapp
Paul Kramer
Lanard Krause
Lisa Kugelman
Catherine S. Lapollo
Richard LaRocque
Jan & Chris Larsen
Paul Lauter
Henry & Eva Leonard
Tedd Levy
Carol LeWitt
Doris Longaven
Nicholas Longo
Louise Loomis, Ed.D.
Beverly Loughlin
James B. Lyon
Christopher Manning
Leta Marks
Mrs. Patricia H. Martin
Betty & Donald Martocchio
Walter & Anne Mayo
Marianne Mazan
Susan Cain McBeth
Elizabeth Pite & Paul McCary
Lisa Melland
Susan E. Lennon & Robert N. Merritt
Harry Meyer
Jenny & Vacek Miglus
Brenda J. Miller
Michele Modugno
Thomas & Marcella Montagano
Irene Morgan
Marjorie E. Morrissey
Wise O’Brien
Michael & Gwen O’Connell
The Paul Foundation – Essex
Liz & Ray Payne
George Penniman Architects LLC
Robert Perkin
James & Margaret Perry
Lawrence Dowler & Barbara Pine
Raphael Podolsky
Elliott & Eileen Pollack
Susan Matheson & Jerome Pollitt
Robert & Ann Pratt
Dr. Jon E. Purmont
Cynthia W. Reik
Judith Lohman & David Reik
Dr. Andrew Ricci Jr.
Jack & Sali Riege
Richard & Pamela Roberts
Connie B. Robinson
Charlie Roraback
Bernard H. Rosen
Douglas Ross
Howard Rothman
June C. Roy
Dr. Elizabeth N. & Richard F. Rumohr
Lincoln R. Sander
Patricia M. Schaefer
Mark Scheinberg
Richard Schimmelpfeng
Suzanne Schreffler
Gregory Servodidio
Jonathan Seymour
John & Suzanne Shannahan
Andrew Sherman
Hon. Joseph M. Shortall
Jim Shortley
Barry N. Sisk
John Small
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Smith Jr.
Penny Southwick
Theodore M. Space
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton B. Spencer
Bruce M. & Sondra Astor Stave
Nancy Steenburg
Tora Sterregaard
Shepard & Marlene Stone
Shelley Strohm
David Sturges
Timothy & Geraldine Sullivan
Carol Terry
Polly M. Timken
Bev Tollmann
Humphrey Tonkin
Tess & Pat Torrey
Tom & Dougie Trumble
Ann & Dean Uphoff
Alex & Patricia Vance
Chelsea Vasquez
Susan & Allan Viner
Kathleen Vose
Patricia L. Walker
Frank Wemple
Reeves Westmoreland
Magrieta L. Willard
Tracey M. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Roal A. Wolf
Zachs Family Foundation Inc.

And thanks, too, to the many Friends who contributed gifts of less than $100.


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